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Category Autos
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Created 12-11-2017
Owner sbmcrusher
Title The abrasion mechanism of lining plate of ore milling equipment
Description Ore milling equipment is one of the ore milling equipment mills widely used in the powder ore milling equipment system in such industries as power, metallurgy, building material and chemistry. Among the spare parts of ball ore milling equipment mill, lining plate is the key and damageable part and its consumption restrains the production benefits of the ore beneficiation plant. The experts of SBM Machinery start from the research on the abrasion mechanism of lining plate to provide theoretical basis for reduce the wear of the lining board. In the running process of a ore milling equipment, the movement forms of the lining board and the ore milling equipment balls and the crushing and ore milling equipment process of the materials are very complicated which is the comprehensive effect of various abrasion mechanisms. The test observation shows that the ore milling equipment balls do not fall like a parabola thought as the previous research and directly impact on the lining board, but in the practical running process, the load height of the balls and the materials inside the cylinder is about 40% of the diameter. With the increase of the diameter of the ore milling equipment balls, the load of the ore milling equipment balls and materials will also increase, but the height of the ripple of the lining board and the driving effect of the circular pitch on the materials and the ore milling equipment balls will decrease with the increase of the diameter of the ore milling equipment mill, so that the relative height of the ore milling equipment media inside the big-diameter rolling cylinder. The calculation and the actual measurement show that the impact power on the lining board is only 2~3J or even lower. Foreign research thinks that the energy consumed by the crushing and ore milling equipment of the milling equipment accounts for only 10%-20% of the total energy. The rest part will transform to heat energy and be transformed by metal materials and materials consumed to make the lining board and the ore milling equipment balls to have plastic deformation, structural change and crack formation and expansion, which is the main reason of the abrasion of the lining plate.
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